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Michigan Performance Excellence provides services that support organizational performance excellence.  This includes administration of the four levels of recognition along with these supporting services. 



Do you want to jump start your improvement progress without spending hours and hours writing an application?  The Collaborative Assessment is for you. The Assessment consists of three phases.  Phase 1 starts with the Organizational Profile and Baldrige Express Survey.  This is followed by a one-day site visit to meet with organizational leadership and workforce representatives.  Phase 3 consists of a written feedback report delivered in a planning session.  Click here for more information.




When you take steps to improve your organization, you need to know if the efforts are working.  The Baldrige Express Survey is a high-level diagnostic tool that can help.  Baldrige Express is an online survey of your organization, or a cross-section of the organization, to identify how your organization is currently performing to the Performance Excellence Criteria.  Participants are asked the current level of performance of key processes and which opportunities are most important to pursue.  They are also invited to suggest how to close the gap.  Survey results provide the most important strengths and opportunities and the detailed gap analysis and employee comments.  This low-cost, low-time intensive survey is a great first step and supplement to the Organizational Profile.  Get more information here. 




Professional development is provided in a number of workshops. 

Topics include:

  • Performance Excellence Framework

  • Baldrige 101

  • The Organizational Profile:  Your Organization in a Nutshell

  • Understanding the Criteria

  • Writing the Baldrige Application

  • MI Performance Excellence Award Examiner Training


These courses and other professional development may be customized and brought in house to support more employees in your organization.



Transforming the culture to a high-performing organization is challenging; often leaders and teams request coaching in next steps and staying the course.  In coaching, the coach doesn’t have the answers but helps the individuals and teams uncover the answers in themselves and the organization.


When the next steps are not entirely clear and there are multiple roads the organization can take, MI PEx can assist by providing advice on what other high performing organizations have done.




With a focus on smaller organizations, we have introduced the ManageHub Accelerator.  The Accelerator helps the small business and non-profit get organized, engaged the workforce, and grow.  Click here to learn about ManageHub. 




The Michigan Team Excellence Award Model (MITEAM) recognizes teams that use a systematic approach to continuous process improvement to solve organizational issues and pursue opportunities.   This program is administered by MI PEx through volunteers.


We use the American Society for Quality (ASQ) International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) Criteria to evaluate teams.  The top scoring MITEAM recipient each year is automatically eligible to compete at ASQ’s annual World Congress on Quality. 

The MI TEAM process provides participants with professional development, feedback, and recognition.   The learning and pride that participants experience are inherent rewards of their own.


Program Benefits:

  • Promote and recognize your organization’s commitment to process improvement and teamwork.

  • Receive constructive feedback from judges to facilitate future improvements.

  • Receive statewide recognition for your teams. 

  • Potentially advance to compete in the International Team Excellence Award process.