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About Michigan Performance Excellence (MIPEx)

Mission:  Michigan Performance Excellence exists to enhance the quality of life in Michigan by helping organizations improve their performance using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.  


MIPex is a non-profit 501c3 organization formed in 1993 as the Michigan Quality Council.  MIPEx uses the national Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence as its framework.  MIPEx provides services by relying upon the support of many volunteers from businesses, education and health care institutions, and non-profit and government agencies.  Volunteers receive training that enables them to provide these services and improve their own organizations.  MI PEx is supported by fees for services and contributions from sponsoring organizations. 


Michigan Performance Excellence assists organizations in improving their performance through the application of proven continuous improvement concepts that ensure desirable results for customers, owners, employees, and other stakeholders.  We do this by: 


  • Assessing and providing feedback on strengths and improvement areas


  • Providing professional development


  • Educating organizations and coaching leadership


  • Recognizing exemplary performance


  • Identifying and sharing best practices


  • Advising organizations in understanding and using the performance excellence criteria


Evaluation Services


MIPEx offers different tiers of evaluation and feedback:


  • Tier 1 is the starting point, an Organizational Profile.  Organizations are recognized at this level for beginning the continuous improvement journey.


  • Tier 2 is an abbreviated application written to the basic requirements of the Criteria for Performance Excellence.  Organizations are recognized at this level for committing to the continuous improvement journey.


  • Tier 3 is an application written to the overall requirements of the Criteria for Performance Excellence.  Organizations are recognized at this level for sustained commitment to improvement.


  • Tier 4 is the Michigan Performance Excellence level, a full (50 page) application that describes how an organization is meeting the multiple requirements of the Criteria for Performance Excellence.  Recipients are evaluated by a team of Examiners and recognized for their performance after a comprehensive site visit and selection by an independent Panel of Judges.


  • The Collaborative Assessment is a quick way to get your journey jump-started.  We work with you to help you develop your organizational profile, assess the organization, help you prioritize opportunities for improvement.  

  • The Michigan Team Excellence Award Model (MITeam) recognizes teams that use a systematic process to solve problems and address opportunities.


  • The Baldrige Express Employee Survey offers an opportunity to hear from employees about how well the organization is addressing the questions in the Criteria.  Detailed employee feedback and priorities for improvement are the outcome of the survey.  


How can we help you?


MIPEx provides information, feedback, training, and education to assist Michigan organizations in improving quality, customer satisfaction, and other results. All stakeholders benefit, including customers, employees, owners, and suppliers.  Communities also benefit when organizations are thriving. 

Feedback from a “fresh-eyes” view of your organization may be the best reason to submit an application through the process. Annually, organizations that use systematic approaches to achieve results are recognized for their performance, but the feedback they receive from experienced examiners is the higher reward.


Michigan Performance Excellence is the successor organization to the Michigan Quality Council, which was formed in 1993 in a partnership of leading Michigan organizations and the State of Michigan.  Leaders in these organizations felt that Michigan needed a program to encourage use of the Baldrige Criteria to improve performance and enhance competitiveness. 


Board of Directors:





MIPEx is led by Executive Director Geri Markley, a long-time Baldrige Examiner and former Judge of the National Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (2012 – 2014).  Contact: miperformanceexcellence@gmail.com